Fic: Southern Discomfort

Fic: Southern Discomfort
Warnings: Spanking, swearing
Notes: I had originally planned to write this for a Spring challenge, but seriously underestimated how much fun writing I'd be up for while studying for the bar exam. I think I've finally recovered, so I hope you all enjoy this extremely late story.

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Supernatural Fic: When Dad Came Home

Title: When Dad Came Home
Author: GinaSciFi
Warnings: Spanking of a teenager, angst, really mild swearing

Author's Notes: Written for Jet's prompt challenge. I wanted to try a different take on Dean's comment to Sam about Dad coming home after Sam ran away for two weeks. John does not come off that great in this, just a heads up. I'm a little nervous, this is by far the angstiest thing I've written.  Feedback always appreciated.

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Title: A New Record
Author: Ginascifi
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Sam, John/Sam, Bobby/Sam
Scenario: teenchester spanking
Implement: hand, belt, wooden spoon, paddle
Summary: Sam's plans to compete in his high school math tournament are interrupted by a hunt, and he's not happy about it.
Author's Notes/Warnings: I was kind of in the mood to spank Sam, a lot.  This is my first Supernatural spanking story and feed back would be greatly appreciated.   

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The OC: Increasing Incentives

This is an episode tag to The O.C. episode The Shape of Things to Come.  For anyone not familiar with the show, it was an evening soap about a wealthy California family that take in a troubled teenager (Ryan), whose the same age as their own son (Seth).  The drama centered around the two boys, their parents (Kristin and Sandy), and their romantic interests (Marissa and Summer).  

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West Wing: The Black Vera Wang

 This story is set in what I like to call a spanko alternate universe, where spanking is considered a normal disciplinary method in all sorts of places, including the White House.  For those not familiar with the series, Leo is the chief of staff of the white house, Toby is the director of communications, and Sam is the deputy director of communications. This contains some spoilers for the Season three episode "The Black Verra Wang."

I don't own the West Wing, or any of its characters and feedback is
always welcome.

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First Entry

 I'm going to try to get back into writing fanfic, and I thought I'd try posting it here in LiveJournal.  I'm going to start by putting up some fics that I've posted in various groups ages ago, then start working on some new stuff.  I write mainly spanking fan fiction, so if you don't like that kind of thing, you probably shouldn't read my stuff.  I'm also pretty new to LiveJournal, so if you notice anything funky with the formatting please let me know.  
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